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Our Unique Features

iTurn is the first on-demand driving trainers booking application. Don't get stuck with a single instructor/driving school by paying huge admission fee. You can choose any car/trainer and pay as you drive. Our systematic process will make sure you have undergone every facets of driving.

Professional Instructors

Start training with the best professional trainers certified by IDTR.

Pick And Drop At Your Doorstep

Trainers can pick and drop you at your convenient location.

Pay As You Drive

Flexible payment options that align with your training sessions, ensuring you get the most value from your iTurn experience.

Your Safety First

We always put your safety first by providing all safety gears and devices.

Any Car/Trainer

Book your preferred car or trainer.

Scientific Syllabus

Get trained according to the syllabus prescribed by the Central motor vehicle department.

Drive With Friends

Make learning fun by driving along with your friends.

8 and H Test Practice

Practice 8 and H for the licence test as often as necessary at your own pace.

Book Driving Training anytime or on-demand
Learn driving with Friends

Learning and driving with friends are always fun.

Make learning fun by driving along with your friends.

  • Choose one or more learning partners to make your learning experience more enjoyable.
  • You can choose a maximum of 2 partners to tag along with you for the ride.
  • Each of you will get individual attention and maximum learning opportunities.
  • No more humdrum while learning.
Your safety first.

Your safety first wherever you drive.

We always put your safety as our top priority.

  • We are here to provide you with a safe and secure learning experience with iTurn.
  • We always ensure mandatory checks before driving.
  • We always ensure our cars are well maintained.
  • Share your concerns anytime at our 24/7 customer support.
Skilled driver

We make you highly proficient driver

We make you a great defensive driver to avoid crashes and help yourself lower the risk behind the wheel.

We say ‘Practice makes Perfect’ , Practise at any time, anywhere with our professionally trained instructors. Our scientifically prepared syllabus along with technology helps you to become a confident and responsible driver.

We can't control the actions of other drivers. So we help you to improve your defensive driving skills and thus avoid dangerous situations.

Driving license

We help you get your Drivers Licence with no hassle.

Avoid all the hustle and bustle of driving licence application.

  • Enter your details and upload the documents.
  • We will take care of the rest of the application process.
  • Grab your license with iTurn quickly.
learners preferred time

Anytime Anywhere at your ease

Book your training at any time, any place and learn to drive.

Book your training at any time, any place and learn to drive. You can either book your training on demand or schedule your booking for two days in advance. Also, choose your comfortable sessions according to your time availability.

How it works

iTurn works in simple 5-step process.

Learn driving in any car

Choose Any Car/Trainer

You will have a wide range of cars each of which will be assigned with a trainer. You can make your choice based on the car or from the trainers reviews.

Expert trainers pick you at your Doorstep.

Choose Pickup Location

Choose your current location or select the location you prefer for your trainer to pick up.

Schedule driving session at your convenience


You can schedule your training for up to 3 days or book on demand training as per your convenience.

Choose long drive,short drive or Recommended drive

Choose Session

We provide a short drive for a 1-hour session, Recommended drive for a 2-hour session and a long drive for a 4-hour session, from which you can choose.

Drive like a pro

Start Driving

That’s it. Your trainer will arrive shortly, so let's get ready to drive.


Driving Success Stories: Discover How Our App Makes Confident Drivers.

iTurn - Book On-Demand Personalised Driving Lessons Anytime, Anywhere



The app's user-friendly interface made it a breeze to book driving lessons according to my schedule. The instructors' expertise was evident, and their commitment to following IDTR standards instilled trust in me. Thanks to this app, I now feel confident on the road.

iTurn - Book On-Demand Personalised Driving Lessons Anytime, Anywhere



iTurn made learning to drive a breeze! Their certified instructors and user-friendly app helped me get my license on the first try. Highly recommend for anyone looking for professional driving training.

iTurn - Book On-Demand Personalised Driving Lessons Anytime, Anywhere



iTurn's certified instructors and real-time feedback in the app made learning to drive a great experience. I passed my test with confidence, thanks to iTurn's professional training.

iTurn - Book On-Demand Personalised Driving Lessons Anytime, Anywhere



iTurn is a game-changer for adding new vehicle classes to your license. Their professional training and excellent support team made the process seamless. Thanks to iTurn, I'm now a confident motorcycle rider with gear.

iTurn - Book On-Demand Personalised Driving Lessons Anytime, Anywhere



iTurn is the best choice for driving training! Their certified instructors and easy-to-use app helped me become a safe and confident driver. Thanks to iTurn, I aced my driving test on the first attempt!

iTurn - Book On-Demand Personalised Driving Lessons Anytime, Anywhere

Hammedulla Nazari


I'm so grateful I found this app. The convenience of booking lessons at any time and location I wanted was a game-changer for me. The certified instructors were patient and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I highly recommend this app to anyone learning to drive.