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From manual and automatic car training to motorcycle sessions and personalized lessons in your car, we offer comprehensive training
Skilled Instructors Certified by IDTR
Your safety first.

Manual Mastery: Manual Car Training

Gain confidence on the road with our comprehensive manual car training program. Our expert instructors will guide you through each gear, ensuring you're ready for any driving situation.

  • Personalized instruction. Tailored lessons to suit your pace
  • Gear Shifting Mastery. Techniques for smooth gear shifting.
  • Clutch Control. Master the art of clutch control.
  • Manual Car Etiquettes. Highway and city driving practice.
  • Emergency Handling. Techniques for handling road emergencies.

  • Skilled driver

    Automatic Ease: Automatic Car Training

    Glide through traffic and conquer city streets with effortless confidence.

  • Automatic Mechanism. Grasp the workings of automatic cars.
  • Efficient Driving. Master the art of parking and reversing.
  • Parking and Reversing. practice in various traffic conditions.
  • Car Maintenance. Basic maintenance tips for longevity.
  • Highway & City Driving. Confidence in high-speed, high-traffic conditions.

  • Driving license

    Gear Up: Motorcycle With Gear Training

    Learn to ride a geared motorcycle like a pro with our specialized training. We focus on safety and control to ensure you're road-ready.

  • Handling Basics. Learn to balance and control geared motorcycles.
  • Gear Shifting Techniques for gear shifting and clutch control.
  • Defensive Riding. Stay safe with defensive riding strategies.
  • Hazard Awareness. Keep your ride in top condition.
  • Motorcycle Maintenance. Emphasis on road safety and defensive riding.
  • Skilled driver

    Easy Riding: Gearless Motorcycle Training

    Simplify your commute with our gearless motorcycle training. Learn the essentials of balance, control, and safety to become a proficient rider.

  • Gearless Motorcycle Control. Learn to balance and control on gearless bikes.
  • Traffic Navigation Tips. Navigate traffic with ease and confidence.
  • Efficient Braking Techniques. Master stopping safely and swiftly.
  • Gearless Motorcycle Maintenance. Tips for maintaining your gearless ride.
  • Safety Gear Usage. Understand and use safety gear effectively.

  • Driving license

    Comfortable Cruising: Training in Your Car

    Learn to drive in the comfort of your own car. Our personalized training will help you gain confidence and mastery over your vehicle.

  • Customized Lessons. Training designed for your specific car model.
  • Personal Car Handling. Learn to handle your car confidently.
  • In-Car Navigation Techniques. Master your car's navigation systems.
  • Car Maintenance Basics. Basic upkeep to ensure your car's longevity.
  • Personal Car Safety Measures. Safety measures specific to your vehicle.
  • learners preferred time

    License Success: Driver's License Test Practice and Booking

    Conquer test anxiety and navigate the path to your license with expert support and a ready car.

  • Mock Driving Tests. Practice makes perfect for your driving test.
  • Road Signs & Hand Signals. Master the language of the road.
  • Lane Keeping Techniques. Stay in your lane, pass the test.
  • Using Mirrors for 'H' Test. Insider tips for clearing the 'H' test.
  • Test Day Guidance. iTurn expert will be available at the test ground.
  • Driving license

    Conquer hairpins: Adventure Drive to Ponmudi

    Push your limits and discover hidden strengths on a thrilling drive through 22 breathtaking hairpins in Ponmudi.

  • 6 AM Doorstep Pickup. PWe'll start your adventure early.
  • Guided Hairpin Bend Navigation. Navigate hairpin bends with our guidance.
  • Scenic Spot Guidance. We'll guide you through the best spots.
  • Safety Measures. Ensuring your thrilling ride is safe.
  • 2 PM Drop-off. Wind down as we return you home safely.